Hi! I am Renate Vieillescaze – ceramic artist…

… and Graphic designer, Motion designer, in short Multimedia designer.

With this ceramic NFT collection I combine all my knowledge and passions, the old & new. My ceramics have a simple graphic style with clean lines, coming to life by adding a layer augmented reality and finally a layer of sound for a complete experience. 

Born in 1969 a place called Drunen in the south of the Netherlands. From early on I was interested in the newest gadgets. Programming a game on my commodore 64 and helping my father cleaning and testing the little arcade game consoles. 

I completed my education as a graphic designer at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 1995. Since there was no new media department I focused my graduation projects on new media and web design. After two years for Tel-Design and five years at Fabrique as new media designer, it was time to continue on my own. 

Moved to France and started a company W6 Developpement with Serge Vieillescaze and continued working for various dutch design agencies. With Fabrique I worked among other things for Albert Heijn, 3 suisses en Etos. With Deloitte I’ve helped developing an application for gas delivery in Brasil (CHAMA). I’ve helped Collingham consultants visualising potential projects to convince the client and creating paper sculptures in between projects.

Trying to make the world a little more beautiful one pixel at a time”

Renate Vieillescaze

While looking for a more durable way to make sculptures I became interested in the vast world of ceramics and fell immediately in love with it… 

Today the NFT comes in view, a new and exciting development. Digital artists have a place to sell their work and be validated/valued as real artists, while classic artists no longer need to convince a Gallery to sell their artwork. There are numerous websites such as Opensea, Superrare, Foundation,Rarible, Hicetnunc,…. and many more.

Looking forward to what this new adventures brings!